Environmental Policy Statement

Ganson Building and Civil Engineering Limited is fully committed to undertaking our works in a responsible manner that achieves and maintains the highest environmental standards.

We appreciate the importance of the environment around us and are aware of our responsibilities.

We are proud that our work is delivering projects that actually improve the environment.

We recognise that we need to continue to improve our environmental performance. Therefore our management and improvement plan is structured around and aligned to BS EN ISO 14001.

Ganson Building & Civil Engineering Ltd is aware that certain aspects of their activities impact on the environment and have therefore adapted, will implement and annually review the environmental policy:

  • We are committed to compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which we subscribe, which relate to our environmental aspects
  • Ganson Building & Civil Engineering Ltd will assess our activities to minimise impacts from significant environmental aspects including waste, releases to water, contamination of land, emissions to air, carbon emissions, noise, archaeology and local history, wildlife
  • Improvement plans will be set and reviewed annually and objectives and targets designed to ensure continual improvement in its environmental performance and prevention of pollution
  • Will assess all areas of operations with respect to its impact on the environment and incorporate these practicable procedures and controls necessary to prevent environmental damage and pollution
  • We continually strive to improve standards throughout our area of operations by communicating out policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the company and by enhancing environmental awareness and commitment through structured training and encouraging the adaption of sound environmental principles and best practice amongst sub-contractors

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